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2009-2010 paintings

It snowed that winter and the snow found its way into my art…

Languedoc Snow - 80x80cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 1 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 2 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 3 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 4 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Snow landscape - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Autumn scene

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A string of garlic…

String of garlic

A watercolour – about 40x70cm – which I painted at least 7 years ago…

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2008 paintings

Petit SalĂ© – or what the Mirepeissetois call Cansalada

These paintings were painted in 2008 and 2009 – whenever I’ve found time whilst renovating my house…

They were done to decorate the diningroom of my B&B and they’re all oils on canvas, 35x35cm.

No guess what my other passion is!

silver ladle

punnet of cherries – apres Swagemaker

cote de boeuf – painting with my fingers…

traditional pastis glass

3 apples on a tablecloth

And now the renovations are finished, I plan to fit in more creative painting…

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