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Olive trees 1

Olive trees 1

Olive trees 2

Olive trees 2

Olive trees 3

Olive trees 3

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2009-2010 paintings

It snowed that winter and the snow found its way into my art…

Languedoc Snow - 80x80cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 1 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 2 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 3 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Plane trees 4 - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Snow landscape - 50x50cm - oil on canvas

Autumn scene

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A string of garlic…

String of garlic

A watercolour – about 40x70cm – which I painted at least 7 years ago…

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2008 paintings

Petit Salé – or what the Mirepeissetois call Cansalada

These paintings were painted in 2008 and 2009 – whenever I’ve found time whilst renovating my house…

They were done to decorate the diningroom of my B&B and they’re all oils on canvas, 35x35cm.

No guess what my other passion is!

silver ladle

punnet of cherries – apres Swagemaker

cote de boeuf – painting with my fingers…

traditional pastis glass

3 apples on a tablecloth

And now the renovations are finished, I plan to fit in more creative painting…

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I’ve just dug up some images of my 2002 Diploma show… it was called THE ROSE PROJECT and was a commentary on the multi-billion dollar rose-growing industry in Kenya – a country that cannot feed itself, but where dozens of entrepreneurs, exploit and pollute the soil and ignore human rights, to grow and export Kenya-grown roses to an over-fed Europe…

The project consisted of:

–       a 5-minute film

–       7 billboards (of which the pictures are below…)

–       100 handmade rose wallpapers



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This 2002 art project was in response to life in Dublin which during the Celtic Tiger years was swept up by the mighty waves of an all-pervading materialism.  People became consumed by a designer craze and some talked of certain must-have objects as if these were part of their entire being. Or felt as if these objects described or represented their person in ways that words could not.

I began asking people for a loan of these precious possessions and photographed the objects against a white background.  But when the owners were presented with their portrait they thought of them as rather shallow.
To complete the portraits I added an additional dimension in the form of a text taken from a conversation when its owners.

Diamond ring – 43.800 euros.      Mother was given this ring by a man not her husband. She never wore the ring.

Armani sunglasses – 235 euros. He wears the kind of clothes his mother would have chosen for him. The way he dresses has nothing to do with his brain.

Lladro Angel – 62 euros. Order and discipline rate highly on his list of priorities. He is a proud man. Once he took a mistress. This made his father very proud of him.

Prada – silver pocket corkscrew in leather case – 254 euros. It fits comfortably in his pocket. The sheath which doubles as handle protects his pocket from the worm’s sharp point.

Il Tartufato – 17 euros. Once she went to an expensive restaurant in Lucca. There she saw actor Alain Delon at a nearby table. She asked the waiter for the same dish and a glass of the same wine as Delon had ordered.

Flashdrive – worthless.    For years he had called to my door, always holding his old radio to his ear to deflect unwanted conversations. Without speaking he would eat his sandwich and drink his tea on the doorstep, then leave behind the empty plate and cup. One day he spoke. He handed back the sandwich and said “it has no butter on it”.

Mother and Child statue – value unknown.    He is meticulous in keeping notes. In a small diary he records the names of those he meets, the place of their meeting and their chosen professions, as well as brief reminders of their conversations. People praise him on his astounding memory.

Apostle spoons – 185 euros each. Before her annual holiday she mixes her own suntan lotion – half olive oil and half lavender water. Afterwards she brings her new, sexually provocative bodymarkings home.

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