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Little Dishes of Provence

petits plats de provence

People in the South of France love to entertain informally – often in the form of an APERITIF with plenty of food.  It’s fun, it’s sociable and easy on the host(ess), and therefore a great idea to learn to make 7-8 dishes that can either be served individually or together to make up an entire meal.

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Ways with Fish


If you are in any way afraid of cooking with fish, then this course is for you – it will remove your fear forever..
This course offers a great collection of delicious, contemporary and fail-safe recipes that will become part of your life. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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simply french
 This SIMPLY FRENCH course is for those who remember the life-changing experience of being introduced to the wildly adventurous (and often unrestrainedly over-garlicky) French cuisine of the 70’s.. and for the younger generations who are in love with ALL THINGS RETRO..

Our courses will teach traditional FRENCH BISTROT dishes – the kind of old-fashioned, daily changing MENUS DU JOUR (entrée, plat + dessert) that have and still are being served by countless ‘petits restaurants’ and bistro(t)s all over France…

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Occasional Vegetarianoccastionalvegetarian

You want to cook like a local Provencal – the vegetarian way?  Learn to make gutsy, flavoursome party food? Or those stylish dishes that are seemingly effortlessly produced on local tables at every opportunity?  Here is where it starts!

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Preserving and Conserving


Don’t you agree that summer, in all its market-fresh glory, is far too short?  Everyone does, so that’s why most cultures in the world have developed ways of making their abundant, perishable summer produce last through the lean winter months.  Learn how to pickle, infuse, dry, confit and ferment on this course…

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